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You have been paying your debts each month in good faith, but that situation has now changed. You have become delinquent in paying your bills and are stressed out and worried about the future. You are using your savings to pay your bills, have started to pay down the balance of one credit card with another, and sometimes pay for your groceries with your credit card. Your debts, penalties and interest continue to mount and you just don't see a clear solution to your financial problems.

According to an annual survey by the American Psychological Association, as many as 80% of Americans are stressed out about their personal finances and the economy. Half of those answering the survey said they are greatly concerned about their ability to provide for their family's most basic needs. It does not appear that those numbers will be declining much in the near future, based on the current economic markers.

Financial stress can manifest itself physically, causing anxiety, sleep difficulties and various other health issues. Glendale bankruptcy lawyers with RJB Law Offices have helped hundreds of consumers with their financial problems. We have the tools and the expertise to help get you through your financial crisis.

Debt Settlement Solutions

Debt settlement includes debt from credit cards, credit unions, unsecured loans, business loans, cars in repossession, medical and hospital bills, personal lines of credit, and lawsuits. The process of debt settlement can be a complicated one. Having an attorney by your side who is a tough negotiator can be extremely helpful.

We will contact each one of your creditors and negotiate with them for you to pay a part of the total debt that you owe that all parties agree on. We will arrange for the late fees and penalties to stop, help minimize creditor harassment, and assist you with creating a new financial plan to promote healthy spending habits and sound debt management.

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