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Are You on the Road to Foreclosure?

If you are several months delinquent in your mortgage payments, you may be concerned that your home is in immediate danger of being foreclosed upon. You should know that the average time it takes for homes to be foreclosed upon is about 120 days from start to finish. If you work with a qualified attorney to contest the foreclosure, delay it, or file for bankruptcy, it may be possible for the process to take longer.

In our state, the most commonly used method of foreclosure is a non-judicial one, which means that there is no court action involved. In the majority of cases, there is a "power of sale" provision in your trust deed which states that a trustee has the power to sell your home if your mortgage loan has been defaulted on. If this process is set in motion by consistent non-payment on your loan, the trustee will sell your home at auction, as a representative of the lender.

A Glendale bankruptcy attorney from RJB Law Offices understands the sense of urgency that is needed in foreclosure cases. If you believe that foreclosure on your home may be imminent, or even if the process has already begun, there are legal remedies that can be pursued that may halt the process, or put it off for a number of months.

Choosing the Right Foreclosure Attorney

Our foreclosure team has been protecting homeowners' rights under federal and state law for many years. We will meet with you and ensure that you are educated about how the foreclosure process works, and assess your current financial situation. Based on what we discover, we will help you determine which of one of a number of options may work best for you, including loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu, or bankruptcy. Don't give up hope. We are committed to helping you ease your financial burden.

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