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Our clients often tell us that we help them feel protected during a difficult time. We always strive to help our clients maintain a positive mental attitude by explaining to them that bankruptcy is a beginning, not the end.

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We wish to thank you and all the members of your office for the great help you have given us in our Chapter 13 case. More success to you. We can ...
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Are You Facing Overwhelming Debt?

With the difficulties our state is having with our economic scene, thousands of residents in our local community face a tough time with their debts. Perhaps you have lost a job, incurred unexpected medical bills or been through a divorce. Any one of these can greatly affect a family and their financial situation. Many suffered through an adjustable rate mortgage that sent their mortgage payment skyrocketing and resulting in being unable to pay their monthly payment. If this sounds like something you are going through, a Glendale bankruptcy attorney from RJB Law Offices is here to help you. We fully understand the stress and anxiety you are going through during this troubling time and are here to assist you in finding a resolution to your debt problems.

Areas of Practice: Glendale Debt Relief Attorney

At our firm, we know how daunting it can be to deal with the bankruptcy process, whether it is for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and we are fully devoted to providing our clients with the comprehensive and creative assistance that they can fully count on. We can provide knowledgeable solutions to financial situations regarding lien stripping, foreclosure, loan modification, debt settlement and business debt settlement.

We know how difficult it can be to struggle with debt and therefore work exhaustively to ensure that our clients are defended as we seek the optimum outcome for their debt relief solution – including addressing issues such as IRS tax resolution, putting an end to creditor harassment, and helping to deal with wage garnishment. As we are extensively knowledgeable about the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, we know your rights and we know when creditors are overstepping their boundaries. We will thus fight to ensure you are being protected throughout the entire process. By consulting with a bankruptcy attorney from our firm, you will be able to rest easier as we guide you through the entire bankruptcy process – from beginning to end.

We know the benefits of bankruptcy as well as the common mistakes and will do everything that we can to make sure that you experience all of the positives without suffering from the difficulties. So don't wait! Whether you have questions about bankruptcy exemptions, if you are wondering about credit restoration, if you are asking yourself if bankruptcy is right for you or even if you would just like to know what life after bankruptcy will be like, we will have the answers that you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we will be able to help you – with years of experience, we stand ready to help you deal with your debt and move forward into your bright, debt-free future.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Glendale, CA

Bankruptcy is not for everyone. We make it our business to find out about your financial scene and evaluate what alternative will work best for you. You can expect open and honest recommendation from our team, one that will be the most efficient and cost effective for you.

Making a decision to file bankruptcy or take other legal action to resolve your debt situation is a serious matter. We know it can be a frightening and confusing process and look forward to helping you through this troubling time by providing you with a caring and dedicated attorney who will guide you through the process. Our entire legal team is service oriented and committed to giving you individual attention. Our goal is to keep you informed every step of the way and treat you with dignity and respect. Our doors are always open to you when you need to contact us. We even offer a free initial and confidential consultation so that you can ask us questions and help you make a decision.

Struggling with debt in the Glendale area? Contact a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer today for help with your debt!