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What Is Debt Relief?

Debt relief can be defined as the options a person has at his or her disposal to eliminate or reduce their current debts. If someone is having trouble paying their mortgage, is consistently late with credit card payments, has started using up their savings to pay the bills, or has received a foreclosure notification on their home, it is safe to assume that some kind debt relief is needed.

It is crucial that these matters be addressed quickly and proactively before the consequences become extremely serious. A capable Glendale bankruptcy lawyer from RJB Law Offices has helped hundreds of consumers achieve debt relief without losing the home that they have worked so hard to keep.

Answers for Debt Relief

There are a number of debt relief solutions, including:

  • Debt Consolidation – This is when all of your debts, such as loans and credit cards, are rolled into one big loan with one monthly payment, for several years.
  • Debt Negotiation – As experienced attorneys, we will negotiate with your creditors to have them lower the total amount you owe on your debts.
  • Loan Modification We will help you understand possible options with your lender to change the interest rate, term or payment amount of your loan.
  • Loan Forbearance – A creditor may agree to suspend loan payments for a number of months, allowing the debtor time to recuperate from financial difficulties of a temporary nature. Any missed payments would be made up at a later date. The option usually requires a stable and consistent payment history.
  • Bankruptcy Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be considered if the circumstances warrant it.

Need Help Handling Your Debt?

If you are faced with an unbearable amount of debt and cannot see a way out, know that there are remedies available. Our firm can help you reseolve your debt matter and discuss the appropriate solution for your particular situation. Come speak with us in a free initial consultation. We will analyze your debt situation and determine which alternatives will best fit your needs.

Contact a Glendale Debt Relief Lawyer today to discuss your debt relief options.

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