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Born in the Philippines, Glendale bankruptcy lawyer Ray Bulaon came to the USA when he was 16. After coming to America, he and his wife grappled with financial issues and debt – after all, Ray was a law student with a family to care for, while facing the loss of jobs and a mountain of never-ending bills. Ray has firsthand knowledge of what it means to suffer under the weight of debt and feel as if there is nowhere to turn for help for protection against creditors.

Upon completing his studies and earning his Juris Doctorate, Ray was admitted to practice law by the California State Bar in 1997. After seven years of work as both a paralegal and as a lawyer at one of California’s busiest bankruptcy firms, he decided to head out on his own and begin his own practice. This became RJB Law Offices in 2001. Ever since, he has aided more than 4,000 clients in both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. He is licensed to practice law in the Central and Southern Districts of California in the United States District Courts, as well as all state courts.

Ray is passionate about putting his education and real-life experience to work to help others overcome their difficult financial circumstances. With an understanding that trying financial times can befall anyone and a dedication to acting quickly to protect his clients’ interests, Ray has what it takes to help you conquer your financial struggles and get on track towards a debt-free future.

Outside of his legal practice, Ray can be found with his wife, Sarah, and their three children, Jessi, Josh, and Jake. Ray is dedicated to his family and believes that they should always take priority.